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If you are an Architect, Engineer, Management Company, Real Estate Professional or Building Owner in the New York Metro, New Jersey or Connecticut area and require accurate building measurements for a building, big or small, then you definitely need SureMeasure,  With over 20 years of experience in the field of building Measurement and drafting services, SureMeasure is your go to company. We specialize in building measurement services and drafting of existing condition floor plans, however we can also provide, CAD drafting servicesarchitectural drafting services, CAD amendments (red line drawings), and floor plan creation to building owners and management companies all over New York.

At SureMeasure we pride ourselves on getting the job measured accurately, efficiently, and on time. Since we are a small firm we are able to provide you with competitive pricing and quality building surveying and drafting services. We can provide either 2D or 3D building plans, depending upon your needs. Our company motto is: Sure Start. Sure End.

We employ the latest laser building measuring technology to improve accuracy and the speed of measurement. This also reduces the impact on any users who might be within the space. Our team is very professional and pride ourselves on being polite to anyone within the space while doing our building survey. We can then take that information back to our office and create accurate floor plans. Depending on the client's needs we create floor plans in 2D or 3D. Additionally, as per client direction we supply elevations and sections with minimal or great detail.

We have a background in architecture that spans over 20 years, so we understand the needs of our clients. This knowledge reduces miscommunications and allows for a very fast turn around time on our projects. Our team is flexible and willing to work with each client to ensure accurate results. These business qualities allow us to provide more accurate building measurements and drafting services than our competitors and at a cheaper price. Contact our Brooklyn drafting company today! 
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